Once the landing page is published for the first time, it is available on the test domain with a path.

The URL of the landing page looks like this: www.ompages.co/123xyz.

This allows you to see how your landing page looks online even before you start your campaign and assign it a permanent URL. You can assign it to your own domain at any time.

We recommend assigning a landing page to your own domain after you are finished with your editing and before the campaign starts.

www.ompages.co is our system domain, and you may not be able to prove that it belongs to you – some websites do not accept such domains, for instance for paid advertising campaigns.

If you decide to leave the landing page on the test domain, you may experience such difficulties as:

  • problems launching Google Ads campaigns or Facebook ads;
  • problems with page indexation;
  • blocking the site by some firewalls.