Publishing landing pages under your own domain


By April Jamio

updated about 1 year ago

Once a landing page has been created and published for the first time, it is available under the test domain. In the Fit Funnels platform, you can publish it on your own domain (previously purchased from the selected provider) in several ways.

NOTE: Fit Funnels does not offer domain sales services.

Domains and Subdomains in Fit Funnels platform

Root Domain is the part of the domain directly followed by the top-level domain (e.g., .eu or .com) and is separated from it by a dot for the mydomain is the root domain.

Subdomain precedes the main domain and is separated by a dot


here, the subdomains are ‘landingpage’ and ‘www.’

The URL address is the subdomain for the root domain called In the domain providers' administration account, you can usually create as many free subdomains as you like for the root domains.

If you want to host your landing page on Fit Funnels servers, you can publish it only under the first-level subdomain.

NOTE: ‘www’, in fact, is also a subdomain added to the root domain.

The A record is used to create a redirection from an address without "www" to an address with "www" so that the user who enters the address without "www" in the browser bar (such as will be automatically redirected to the "www" page. (such as, on which the landing page is hosted.

It is not possible to host a landing page on a naked domain (without "www") on Fit Funnels servers in this case, we recommend publishing it on your own server (embed .PHP).

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