The Rebuild Mobile View option will let you to automatically rearrange the elements on the mobile view again, in a case that it does not meet your expectations after changing it into the desktop view.

You can choose to rearrange elements for the entire landing or for a particular section.

1. Go to the mobile view edition and click rebuild mobile (1), or mark the chosen section and click rebuild section (2) in the handle bar.

rebuild mobile

If the final effect does not satisfy you, you can undo the changes using the arrow on the top left of the editor.

When you make major changes on your landing page which can affect on a mobile view, next to the mobile view icon, you will see the red spot – it means the mobile view may need some adjustment.

changes effected mobile

If you have previously arranged the elements manually, clicking in the arrange view will automatically rearrange them. In such cases, you can limit your actions to rebuild section only for the chosen section, which requires rearranging the elements.