Google reCAPTCHA is anti-spam protection that helps to distinguish Internet bots from real users.

Get your Google reCAPTCHA keys

1. Open the Google reCAPTCHA site, and go to My reCAPTCHA.

2. Register new site: enter your label (name) and domain. Choose reCAPTCHA v2 and a checkbox below.

Currently, Fit Funnels supports only Google reCAPTCHA v2.

3. Enter your email address, accept terms and click Submit.

4. Now you can copy Site key and Secret key.

5. Go to the editor of your landing page in Fit Funnels.

Activate reCAPTCHA in Fit Funnels

1. Click on the form and enter the Settings from the context menu (1) or the widget toolbar (2).

2. Go to Form fields, click Add element (1), and select reCAPTCHA (2). 

3. Paste the keys. 

4. Save and close. Publish your landing page. 

The reCAPTCHA field will be visible in the form.