Facebook pixel is a code that, after adding to your landing page, will be tracking information about FB users visiting your landing page. This will allow you to display adequate Facebook ads for them in the future.

This manual will guide you through the process of generating Facebook pixel and its installation on your landing page.

Step I – on Facebook side

1. Log into your Facebook account and click on the arrow on the topbar – in the drop-down menu, enter Ads Management.

2. Click on the left upper corner menu and choose Manage Business > Events Manager.

3. Click on add/set up pixel.
4. Choose the option Manually add pixel code to website. 


5. Copy the base code – you will need it later in the next step in fitfunnels platform.

6. After clicking on Continue, you will be able to generate additional event code (standard or custom), depending on your needs. Below you will find exemplary code for the Purchase event. If you would like to track events, copy also their codes.

fbq('track', 'Purchase');

NOTE: If you encounter problems with finding the pixel on your account, check Facebook Pixel setup for detailed and updated information.

Step II – on Fit Funnles platform side

1. Log into fitfunnels platform and then go to Dashboard > JavaScript codes tab of your chosen landing page and click on Add script.

2. Paste the basic code copied before from Facebook and place it on the Head position, on the main page and/or conversion page.

3. To the base code, which you already pasted, you can add event codes (see point 6 of Step I – on the Facebook side). Add them at the end of the base code (before </script> tag), as on the exemplary implementation below.

If you want to track some events only on the main page of your landing page and others exclusively on the conversion page, then create two separate scripts. Each of them should contain the base code and the proper event code.

4. Save the changes.

Facebook Pixel was added to your landing page. Verify if it works properly, e.g. using a Chrome browser extension Facebook Pixel Helper.

How to add tracking code in your fit funnel landing page