1. Campaign Description: 

Campaign Name: Fitness Program Updates via SMS

Type of Campaign: Informational and Promotional Content about Fitness Programs

Channels: SMS in conjunction with Email

Target Audience: Users aged 18 and above who have actively subscribed, via our website or mobile application, to receive information about our fitness programs. All recipients have provided explicit consent to receive both SMS and email communications from us.

Message Frequency: No more than 2 SMS messages per week per subscriber.

Content of Messages: SMS messages will complement our email campaigns. They will provide updates, reminders, and occasional promotional content related to our fitness programs. All messages will be tailored to enhance user engagement and will strictly adhere to FCC guidelines.

Opt-in Mechanism: Clients opt-in at https://www.thrivecoach.io.

Opt-out Mechanism: Every SMS message will include clear instructions for recipients to opt-out, with the option to reply 'STOP' at any time. Users will receive a confirmation of their opt-out choice immediately.

Expected Volume: We anticipate sending approximately 30,000 SMS messages over the duration of the campaign, which is expected to run for three months.

2. Sample message 1:

[YourBrand/ProgramName]: Congratulations on taking a vital step toward better health and well-being! We're excited to have you on board and look forward to supporting your journey. For any questions or to unsubscribe, reply STOP.

3. Sample message 2:

[YourBrand/ProgramName]: Dive deep into our fitness regimen designed just for you! Achieve your goals with our guidance every step of the way. Need assistance or want a break? Reply STOP anytime.

4. Message Contents: (check boxes)

Sending messages with embedded links?
Sending messages with embedded phone numbers?

5. How do end-users consent to receive messages:

Web Forms: Users willingly provide their numbers via our website forms, which clearly outline the nature and frequency of the SMS messages they'll be receiving.

Voice Consent: During certain customer interactions over the phone or Zoom, with clear explanations, users verbally opt-in to receive our SMS notifications. These consents are recorded for compliance purposes.

6. Opt in keywords: Blank

7. Opt in message: 

[YourBrand/ProgramName]: Thank you for your interest in our updates! Reply YES to subscribe to our fitness program notifications and tips. Msg&data rates may apply. Reply STOP to unsubscribe at any time.